Plant Care

Craft Nurseries has a huge range of brand name products for feeding your plants, trees, shrubs, fruit and vegetables, including feeds for specific plant types.
plant care section
Our wide variety of All Purpose formulations are ideal for general feeding but there are also a number of products that have been specially formulated for more specialist feeding requirements.

Our extensive range of composts that feed your plants for up to 6 months, include All Purpose Growing Compost and specially formulated Compost for more specialist plants and enthusiasts.

If you enjoy spending time and attention on your precious plants and your beautiful blooms, then concentrated plant foods are an effective option. Or, if time is of the essence, then choose one of our controlled release formulas, where one simple application feeds for up to six months.

So don’t let a gardening issue bog you down. If your bulbs aren’t flowering, your hostas are full of holes, or you simply want to get the best from your garden take a visit to Craft Nurseries today.